Microwave Reflector Images

These are some image(s) and files that are being (or have been) discussed on the reflector. The webmaster will ocassionally remove them. If you are a reflector user, and want to post an image, just send your message, with image to (thanks). When attaching an image, please make the image file size reasonably small (reduce pixels, crop, use .jpg format for pictures, and use .jpg or .png or .gif format) and use a DOS compatible name, e.g. no more than 8 letters, no spaces, such as myphoto.jpg

Click here for the PDF data sheet for the discontinued Northrop Grumman APH-474 Power Amplifier MMIC

Click here for the ZL1UJG image of a plot of Phase Noise for Xtal Oscillator using different caps on the regulator in and outputs

Click here for the WD4MUO image of a plot of Phase Noise for a 10ghz Brick LO source

Last updated June 26 2017

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